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Heel-Toe Jackrabbit Shifter
Heel-Toe Jackrabbit Shifter
acrylic on USA Cone Mill 12 oz. denim
18 X 36”

This should be the official name of the make of this shifter as it directly resembles the speed and fluidity of the rabbit's increasing speed. In some ancient fables, jackrabbits are regarded as tricksters, ("as mad as a March hare"), while other cultures believe the hare symbolizes swiftness and timidity, or in Linnaean terms, "Lepus Timidus". Unlike traditional motorcycle foot shifters, where one presses down with their toes to reduce speed, and up for each accelerating gear, the heel-toe shifter allows for a rapid transition between the gears by granting the rider access to the use of their heel to help change speed quickly. This approach mirrors the jackrabbit's movement and temperament.